A Free Educational Series for Pharmacists

This 2-part educational series addresses the challenges pharmacists face in caring for patients with chronic heart failure. 

The series begins by exploring barriers to care at the patient-level and system-level. Citing the evidence for guideline-directed medical therapy and best practices in transitions of care faculty and participants discuss options for improving patient care and reducing hospital readmissions. Peer-to-peer learning opportunities allow participants to compare their own patient education materials and patient care protocols. The series continues with an Ask the Experts activity that uses clinical cases to apply these concepts and addresses lingering questions on drug therapy and clinical services.


Part 1: Back to the Basics

Getting Back to Basics: The Evidence for What Works in Managing Chronic Heart Failure

Features a review of guideline‚Äźdirected management and therapy (GDMT) for patients with chronic heart failure (CHF), including the role of newer agents. Faculty describe the pharmacist’s role in addressing barriers to the management of CHF.

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Part 2: Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts: Building a Toolkit for Managing Heart Failure

The second activity in this series features expert faculty providing updates to the material presented in Part 1 and addressing additional questions posed by those participants.


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